Beautiful Citrus Pink Colour Combinations to Brighten Your Day

Coloured squares in shades of citrus pink including pink grapefruit, orange pinks and bright red pinks

If you love warm and uplifting colours, you’re sure to be a fan of citrus pink. This pink orange colour can be used in so many colour combinations. Create bright and cheery or calm and sophisticated colour palettes with tones of pink grapefruit. Find out our favourite citrus pink colour combinations to brighten up your home, wardrobe, your next big event or wherever you need colour inspiration.

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About citrus pinks

Citrus pink is a beautiful, warm orange pink colour. Think of the colour of pink grapefruit flesh, but not with as much orange as peach. Grapefruit pink is the most common citrus pink colour, but citrus pink can also include shades with more:

  • orange, such as salmon pink; or
  • red, like coral pink (a red orange pink);

or even a paler shade of pink like you would find inside a pink lemon. Sometimes citrus pink is used to refer to a brighter red pink colour that is closer to red grapefruit. This brighter pink often features in citrus colour palettes as it works well in combination with other citrus hues.

Pink citrus colours are warm, but milder than orange or red. They still evoke the feelings of optimism, energy and confidence of orange, but the pink adds a calming, more relaxed feeling.

I love citrus pinks as they are warm and uplifting, but have an element of sophistication.

So, which colours go with citrus pink? Here are 8 of my favourite citrus pink colour combinations.

Citrus pink and white

Citrus pinks and white together create a warm and sophisticated colour scheme. White, being neutral, calms the the warm tones and creates a softer palette. This combination is lovely in a bedroom.

White and pink grapefruit tones look beautiful together. but you can bring another layer of complexity by using them together with one of the other colour combinations below. I love citrus pink, lemon yellow and white together, especially in floral arrangements or party colour themes. Citrus pink, grey and white together is lovely for interiors.

citrus pink and white mood board with collage of pink grapefruit, flowers, clothing, drinks and homewares in shades of citrus pink and white

Citrus pink and yellow

Yellows and pinks go beautifully together. Just think of sunrise and sunset, with the sky painted in shades of pink and yellow.

If you are working with citrus pinks, try to match the intensity of the pink with the same intensity of yellow. A softer orange pink pairs wonderfully with lemon yellow, while a red orange pink needs a brighter yellow shade to compliment it. Try deeper citrus pinks with gold for a rich, opulent colour scheme.

citrus pink and yellow mood board with collage of pink grapefruit, flowers, drinks and homewares in shades of citrus pink and yellow

Citrus pink and orange

Pink and orange is another combination seen in nature. Look around and you’ll see these two colours together in flowers, corals and sunsets just to name a few. As a citrus lover, I think citrus pink and similar depth shades of orange are a perfect match. They are also analogous colours on the colour wheel. Bright orange goes especially well with bright citrus pink shades.

If you find citrus pink and orange together too overwhelming, try mixing it in with lots of neutral white. Or try pink grapefruit with lighter orange shades like peach, apricot and mango for a more subtle colour combination when decorating.

citrus pink and orange mood board with collage of pink grapefruit, flowers, food, fabric homewares in shades of citrus pink and orange

Citrus pink and green

For pink and green inspiration, again you only need to look to nature. Pink flowers and green foliage go hand in hand.

Red and green are complimentary colours on the colour wheel. As pink is a shade of red, it stands to reason that pink and green will complement each other too. The orange tone of citrus pink means that it will work well with shades of green like mint and light green.

If you choose a brighter, redder citrus pink shade, go bold with your green and choose bright emerald or lime for a stunning combination.

citrus pink and green mood board with collage of pink grapefruit, flowers, clothing, furniture and homewares in shades of citrus pink and green

Citrus pink and blue

A blue and citrus pink colour combination is definitely one of my favourites. I use accents of citrus pink in my bedroom with an aqua, green and white scheme and it brings such a lovely pop of colour.

A wide range of blue hues work well with citrus pinks. I love light blues, sky blue, aqua and turquoise the most. Bright cobalt blue and navy will also work well. If you like to dress in citrus pink shades, you’ll notice that they go really well with blue denim too.

citrus pink and blue mood board with collage of pink grapefruit, shoes, drinks, furniture, exteriors  and homewares in shades of citrus pink and blue

Citrus pink and purple

Purple isn’t an obvious choice when it comes to creating a colour scheme with citrus pink. However, if you choose the right shade of purple it can be beautiful. For an orange pink like pink grapefruit, try lighter shades of purple or violet for a soft combination. To make a statement, pair citrus pink with a dark purple.

citrus pink and purple mood board with collage of pink grapefruit, flowers, food, exteriors and homewares in shades of citrus pink and purple

Citrus pink and grey

Citrus pinks and grey (gray for our US friends) make a sophisticated colour scheme. For best results, combine lighter grapefruit pink shades with medium grey or use bolder citrus pinks with more red in them with charcoal grey. Grey is a neutral and will offset the warmth of the pinks.

This is another colour combination that works very well with lots of white too.

citrus pink and grey mood board with collage of pink grapefruit, shoes, drinks exteriors and homewares in shades of citrus pink and grey (gray)

Citrus pink and black

When used alone. citrus pinks and black are a bold and visually stunning combination. Pink and black is wonderful for making a statement, especially in decorating a party or event.

But if you mix these two colours with lots of light and neutral white as well, you can also create a very elegant colour scheme. My favourite way to combine these colours is to use about 60 percent white, 30 percent citrus pink and just 10 percent black to highlight. Or try citrus pink with a black and white printed pattern (perhaps floral, spots or stripes).

You could also use pink grapefruit with both grey and black for another more subtle combination.

citrus pink and black mood board with collage of pink grapefruit, fish, drinks, clothing, accessories and homewares in shades of citrus pink and black

More ways to enjoy citrus pink and other citrus colours

If you love citrus pink and pink grapefruit, you’ll love our collection of pink grapefruit gift ideas. Or make your own pink grapefruit sugar scrub – it’s quick and easy and smells amazing.

For ways to use other beautiful citrus colours in your life, make sure to check out our post on colours that go with lime green, lemon yellow and citrus orange.

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