40 of the Best Lemon Pillows for Every Decorating Style

lemon cushion with lemons and green leaves on black chair

If you love lemons and lemon print fabrics, you’ll love this collection of lemon cushions and throw pillows. When you think of lemon cushions you might automatically think of country or farmhouse decor. Many lemon themed pillows and cushions do suit country style decorating. But there are also many lemon print fabrics that work beautifully in a range of other decorating styles. Find our how to include some lemon print cushions in your home, whatever your style.

lemon print with text 40 lemon cushions for every decorating style

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Traditional lemon print pillows

Lemon printed fabrics can definitely suit traditional decorating style. Citrus fruits have featured in fabric and wallpaper designs for centuries. Just think of William Morris’ Four Fruits design, which featured limes and pomegranates. Morris & Co now produce a Lemon Tree design inspired by the original fruit pattern.

You can have your own slice of Morris & Co’s lemon tree design in a beautiful embroidered fabric with this lemon tree cushion from May Evelyne Interiors.

Made to order, you can purchase this lovely throw pillow cover with matching or complimentary fabric backing. It would look amazing with any of the wonderful shades of green in the leaves.

Tarragonia Morris lemon tree cushion
Image: Tarragonia

Etsy seller Tarragonia uses the same Morris & Co pattern fabric for a completely different look and feel with this lemon tree cushion. This throw pillow cover is made from a soft faux suede fabric that can be machine washed. It’s available in sizes from 14 x 14 inch (35 x 35cm) to 20 x 20 inch (50 x 50cm).

I also love this beautiful linen lemon tree cushion by May Evelyne Interiors. This cushion is made from Liberty’s Fruit Billet fabric in the Lemon Tree colourway.

You can order your throw pillow with double sided pattern or a matching cream/beige fabric on the back.

Lemon cushions in mid-century modern decor

Mid-century modern style seems to be very popular at the moment. It’s an interior design style that became popular in the 1940’ss (post war). The main features of this style are simple, clean lines, organic shapes with an emphasis on functionality. When it comes to prints and fabrics, mid-century modern patterns are characteristically simple or geometric shapes.

This lemon lumbar throw pillow by Spoonflower Home on Etsy suits the mid-century modern vibe perfectly. It’s made with beautiful Amalfi lemon linen fabric.

Measuring 24 x 14-inch, this made to order pillow cover has the lovely lemon design on both sides. You can also purchase the correct insert to for the cover at the same time.

Match with some plain cushions in similar shades for a classic minimalist look, or use as a feature cushion on your favourite mid-century chair.

Also from Spoonflower Home is this grey and yellow lemon throw pillow cover. It’s made from the perfectly mid-century modern fabric Almost Lemonade by Ottomanbrim.

You can order this delightful lumbar pillow in different fabrics, including linen-cotton canvas or velvet. It measures 24 x 14 inches.

Josef Frank citrus lemon print cushion

This wonderful Citrus Garden indoor/outdoor pillow from UADGCO is made with archival fabric designed by architect and designer Josef Frank in the 1940’s. It would look amazing in any mid-century modern setting with its hand-drawn pattern and bold colours.

Made from a linen cotton blend, it’s available in different sizes and has plain matching fabric on the back.

Contemporary/modern lemon pillows

Lemon print pillows also work well in ay contemporary or modern style decor. Just choose a simple, fresh lemon pattern that ties in with your colour palette.

For light modern colour schemes, these bright lemon cushion designs from Akasia Designs are perfect. Choose from these fun patterns with yellow, white, pale blue and green leaves.

The pattern is digitally printed on one side only – the back is pale cream. Made from polyester/cotton, they measure 17 x 17 inches.

This bold lemon print cushion in yellow and black on a white background would also work well in a contemporary space. Especially if you love black and white but are looking for a pop of colour. Measuring 18 x 18 inches, this cushion cover will make a statement. .

For something very modern (or perhaps retro?), these citrus and lemon slice cushion covers from Trend Home Design are a bit of fun.

They’re available in a range of different sizes and made from polyester cotton blend, which means you can machine wash them.

Hamptons and coastal decorating

Named after the sophisticated beach homes in Long Island, Hamptons Style is still very popular. Natural light. white walls and lovey contrasts in black, blues and natural timbers are all features of Hampton’s style. Lemon prints are probably not the first thing you would think of for this coastal inspired decor, but they do work surprisingly well in soft furnishings. Especially lemon prints in neutrals, blues and greens, with linen or calico fabrics.

The blue and white in this beautiful Sicilian lemon cushion from Havana fabrics suits a Hampton’s colour scheme, I love the dark blue piping which adds some sophistication to this pillow.

Available in different sizes, it is made with a machine washable fabric and has a plain white fabric on the back.

blue and yellow lemon print cushion
Image: UADCO

The beautiful blue and yellow linen fabric in this lemon cushion from UADGCO fits the Hampton’s vibe perfectly. Blue and turquoise on the light background with the pops of lemon yellow create interest without being too overwhelming.

It’s available in a range of different sizes and has a pattern front and solid colour back.

Lemon cushions for country or farmhouse decor

Lemon print pillows are a perfect match for country style decorating. Lemons are a staple of home cooking and often associated with homesteading. A popular choice is traditional images of lemon trees or bowls or crates of lemons.

These pretty lemon cushions from Nile Art Design are perfect for farmhouse style, with their creates of lemons and fresh lemon prints.

Available in different sizes, these bright polyester cushions are easy to care for. And they’re easy to mix and match with patterns and plains.

These lemon inspired pillows from Central Home Store are perfect for country decorating and farmhouse style.

They’re made from cotton/polyester and are easy to care for. Available in different sizes, you can choose your favourite design or mix and match.

Lemon patterns in eclectic style

I personally love an eclectic decorating style. Being able to mix patterns, textures and colours is a wonderfully personal way to decorate. Lemon cushions can be a fun way to add pattern and colour to a room, especially when mixed and matched with other patterns with some colours in common.

You can choose any of the lovely lemon cushion designs we’ve shared to use in your eclectic home – just use the ones you love most! Here are two more of my personal favourites.

I was drawn to this lemon tree cushion from Jia Qian Studio as soon as saw it because of the beautiful colour combinations and whimsical design.

It comes in a range of sizes and is made from a soft, easy care spun polyester that doesn’t crease.

lemon garden print cushion
Image: SNdsigns

This fun lemon garden print cushion from SNdsigns has a variety of colours and greenery and would be easy to incorporate with other colours in your home.

Made from a polyester fabric, it has the same vibrant pattern on both sides and is an inexpensive option to brighten your space.

Outdoor cushions

Lemon prints are not just for indoors in your bedroom or living spaces. Bring some bright, summary fun to your outdoor living areas too. Cushions with lemon prints look right at home in patios, veranda and decking, or even by the pool.

I love these colourful cheery lemon outdoor cushions from Etsy seller Home Crafts TR. With 9 different patterns to choose from, you’re sure to find one to suit your patio or outdoor space. And they come in a rage of sizes.

These pillow covers are made from durable polyester/cotton blend so they feel lovely but are also easy to care for. You can even machine wash them (on gentle cycle).

More citrus themed ideas for your home

There are so many ways to include a lemon fabrics in your decorating. And it can be as subtle or as bold as you like.

For more inspiration on using citrus colours in your home, see our posts on colour combinations, including the colours that go with lemon yellow and colours that go with lime green.

Or if you love lemon prints, you’ll love our collection of lemon phone cases with all types of prints from botanical lemon blossoms to lemon slices.

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