7 Citrus Fruit Salad Recipes with Oranges, Grapefruit and More

collage of citrus fruit salads in serving bowls

If you love citrus flavours and fruit salads, why not combine the two! You can do more than just add some orange or mandarin segments to a conventional fruit salad. This collection of fruit salad recipes includes sophisticated salads made with delicious citrus combinations. Or try a colourful fruit salad with both citrus pieces and a tangy sweet citrus flavoured dressing. Find your new favourite fruit salad from these delicious recipes.

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Why your fruit salad needs citrus

Next time you are making a fruit salad, think beyond apples, pears and bananas. Bring your fruit salads to life by combing in fresh in season fruits in a variety of colours and flavours. Citrus is perfect for adding vibrant colours and zesty sweetness to your fruit salad recipes. And there is no need to stick to just oranges. Try some deep sweet Cara Cara orange or blood orange, red or pink grapefruit, or add lime or lemon juice to your fruit salad dressing.

collage of citrus fruit salads in serving bowls and orange, mandarin and grapefruit segments

Preparing citrus for fruit salad

I always prefer to use homegrown or organic citrus for my recipes as they taste so much better. Most fruit salad recipes use peeled citrus, but it’s still a good idea to wash fruit well before you cut it. For store bought citrus, you can also remove any fruit wax first.

Some citrus fruit salad recipes will use slices or segments, while for others you will need to know how to cut the citrus into ‘supremes’ without any pith or segment cases. You can find out how to do this in our post on how to cut perfect citrus supremes.

However you need to prepare your oranges, it will be easier with the right citrus tools, from sharp knives to zesters and juicers.

Here are some of our favourite citrus fruit salad recipes to try.

Citrus Fruit Salad with Vanilla Cardamom Syrup

citrus fruit salad with vanilla cardamom syrup in green Japanese bowl with mint garnish

This sophisticated citrus fruit salad recipe combines different types of citrus fruits for a colourful, tasty dish. It has sweet and zesty segments of red grapefruit, orange and tangelo coated in a sweet vanilla cardamom syrup. This is a great dessert option for entertaining..

Winter Fruit Salad

Winter fruit salad with clementines, kiwi fruit, apple and pomegranate in white bowl
Image: The Peachee Pear

For a fruit salad recipe that makes the most of seasonal fruits, we love this winter fruit salad recipe. The star of this fruit salad is the bight orange clementines, which are combined with vibrant green kiwi fruit, red apple and pomegranate seeds. This delicious fresh fruit salad is finished with a light honey-lemon dressing.

Thanksgiving Fruit Salad

Thanksgiving fruit salad with grapes
Image: Every Day Family Nutrition

While it may be called a Thanksgiving fruit salad, this autumn recipe is perfect for sharing on any occasion. The recipe calls for canned mandarin oranges, but it would work beautifully with fresh citrus fruits too. This salad combines citrus flavours with apples, kiwi, grapes, pomegranate, cranberries and crunchy pecans.

Simple Citrus Fruit Salad

Image: Mandi Of The Mountains

This simple citrus fruit salad combines beautifully coloured grapefruit, mandarin orange and orange segments. The fruit is topped with lots of fresh citrus zest and lightly sweetened with honey or agave nectar. It takes a little effort to cut the citrus fruits into supremes, but it will be worth it for an elegant, simple citrus dessert.

Fruit Salad With Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing

Image: A Cedar Spoon

For a more conventional fruit salad, you’ll love this fruit salad with lemon poppy seed dressing. The combination of berries and fruits, including orange segments, is delicious. But it’s the dressing made with fresh lemon juice, honey and poppy seeds that lifts this fruit salad to something special.

Vegan Ambrosia Salad

Ambrosia salad in a white bowl with wooden spoon
Image: Strength and Sunshine

It may be a stretch to call this a fruit salad, but there’s still plenty of fruit in this vegan ambrosia salad, including tasty mandarin oranges.

Delicious citrus is combined with pineapple, cherries, grapes, coconut and mini marshmallows in this creamy fruity salad. The recipe suggests canned mandarin segments, but these can easily be substituted for fresh peeled citrus.

Rainbow Honey Lime Fruit Salad

honey lime citrus fruit salad in glass bowl
Image: I Heart Nap Time

For another delicious fruit salad with citrus in both the salad and the dressing, you’ll love this rainbow honey lime fruit salad. It combines strawberries, mandarin orange segments. banana, green grapes and blueberries with a sweet honey and lime dressing to finish. The lime juice does double duty by adding a lovely bright and tangy flavour, as well as preventing the banana from turning brown. Definitely add the lime zest to the finished salad as suggested for extra citrus flavour.

More citrus recipes and inspiration

I hope these recipes have inspired you to include citrus in your next sweet fruit salad recipe. For some savoury citrus salad ideas, you’ll love our collections of orange salads and grapefruit salads.

We have lots more ideas for cooking with citrus, including everything from blood orange loaf cake to homemade preserved limes and marmalade.

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