12 Unique Marmalade Recipes (Orange, Lemon, Lime & More)

collage of citrus fruits and marmalades

When you think of marmalade, you probably think of the usual plain orange variety. While orange marmalade is delicious, there are so many other flavours of marmalade to enjoy. Our collection of unique marmalade recipes includes delicious marmalades made with oranges, lemons, limes, kumquats (cumquats) and even grapefruit. And while all have a citrus fruit base, many of these unique marmalade recipes add other flavours that add a whole new dimension to this traditional breakfast spread.

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Making marmalade is easier than you think

It’s easy to buy a jar of marmalade from the shops or even from your local farmers market. But there is something very satisfying about making your own from scratch. And if you have a big crop of citrus, making marmalade is also a great way to use up your surplus fruit so it doesn’t go to waste. Homemade marmalade also makes a thoughtful gift.

If you are new to making marmalade at home, I recommend that you start by reading our simple small batch lime marmalade recipe. This post has lots of easy tips for beginners including how to:

  • sterilise jars for storing your marmalade; and
  • easily test when your marmalade has reached it’s setting point without using a thermometer.
lime, lemon and orange slices with lime, lemon and orange marmalades and text "12 unique marmalade recipes"

Another recommendation for marmalade making is that you use homegrown or organic citrus. If you decide to use store bought citrus, be aware that it often has been treated with citrus wax to maintain freshness and appearance. It’s best to remove fruit wax from any citrus you are going to use in your marmalade recipes.

For the seasoned jam and marmalade cooks, jump right in and try some of the delicious marmalade recipes in this collection. They aren’t as much effort as you might think!

Easy Small Batch Lime Marmalade

lime marmalade in jar with fresh limes and spread on toast

This easy lime marmalade is the ideal beginner recipe to start your marmalade making journey. Make your own small batch of delicious slightly tart but sweet marmalade with fresh limes.

Our recipe has step by step instructions for easy preparation and cooking. It also gives handy tips on sterilising jars and a simple way to test if your marmalade has reached setting point ready for adding in jars.

Lemon Marmalade Recipe

Image: Masala Herb

For another easy marmalade recipe, try this lemon marmalade made with just 2 ingredients: fresh lemons and sugar.

Like our lime marmalade recipe, there’s no need to spend hours peeling and removing removing pith from the citrus first. And the result is a delicious traditional sweet and tart marmalade, just made with lemons rather than oranges.

Ginger Orange Marmalade

Image: Veggie Desserts

Orange and ginger are a tried and true flavour combination, and go together perfectly in this ginger orange marmalade. This marmalade recipe is is traditionally made with Seville oranges, which are slightly bitter, but you can substitute any oranges of Seville oranges aren’t available near you.

Orange Cranberry Marmalade

Orange cranberry marmalade in jars with fresh oranges
Image: Art Of Natural Living

For a twist on plain orange marmalade, try this orange cranberry marmalade recipe from Art of Natural Living. The orange and cranberry flavour combination works perfectly.

This recipe a slightly different technique, using a vegetable peeler to remove the thin outer layer of orange peel to cook and later thinly slice. All of the white pith is discarded, unlike other recipes which use the pith for it’s natural pectin. The result is a marmalade that has a smooth consistency and less bitter flavour, much like jam.

Easy Orange Marmalade (With Chia Seeds)

Image: Debra Klein

If you are trying to avoid refined sugars, you’ll love this easy orange marmalade recipe. Made with just 3 ingredients, it uses maple syrup in place of refined sugar and chia seeds to help the marmalade to gel in place of adding pectin. The oranges in this recipe are also blended, so it looks quite different to traditional marmalade.

This is definitely a unique take on classic orange marmalade but very tasty.

Calamansi Lime Marmalade

Calamansi Lime Marmalade on crumpet with spoon and yellow white cloth
Image: Garlic and Zest

For something a little more exotic, you’ll love this Calamansi lime marmalade recipe. What’s a Calamansi lime? It’s a small hybrid citrus fruit, most likely a cross between a kumquat and a mandarin orange. Calamansi lime is also known as a Calamondin or the Philippine lime, and is often used in Filipino cooking. It has a delicious sweet and tart taste and is prefect for making tasty marmalade spread.

Kumquat Marmalade with Bergamot

Kumquat marmalade with bergamot in glass gar with white spoon
Image: Dish In The Kitchen

Kumquat (or Cumquat as we call it here in Australia) is often grown for ornamental reasons. These small bit size citrus fruits look gorgeous, but they are also delicious. This delicious recipe for kumquat marmalade with bergamot is full of flavour.

Bergamot is an Italian citrus fruit with a unique aroma and taste. However, it can be hard to find. If you can’t source bergamot locally. just substitute regular lemons in this recipe.

Lemon Honey Marmalade

Lemon honey marmalade in glass jar with spoon and spread on slices of toast
Image: The Honest Spoonful

This sweet and tart lemon honey marmalade is made with just 3 ingredients. As it has no added refined sugar added, this recipe is AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) and paleo friendly. If you aren’t a fan of traditional bitterness of marmalade, you might like this recipe. It has some extra steps such as removing all lemon peel pith and cooking the peel multiple times to reduce the bitter taste.

Grapefruit Marmalade with Vanilla

Grapefruit marmalade with vanilla with fresh grapefruit and toast on white and yellow cloth
Image: Hezzi D’s Recipe Box

Grapefruit is another delicious option for marmalade. This grapefruit marmalade with vanilla uses fresh vanilla pod seeds and a touch of cinnamon to add beautiful flavours to the tangy grapefruit. The grapefruit also gives this marmalade a beautiful rich colour.

Scottish Drambuie Marmalade

Image: Cristina’s Cucina

Looking for a traditional orange marmalade with a twist? This Scottish Drambuie marmalade recipe uses two oranges, a lemon and a grapefruit and some tasty Drambuie liqueur for a unique marmalade flavour.

Lemon Ginger Marmalade

Lemon ginger marmalade in jars with fresh lemon
Image: Hezzi D’s Recipe Box

For another ginger flavoured marmalade, try this lemon ginger marmalade recipe. This is quite different to the simple lemon marmalade recipe at the top of this post as it uses added pectin to help the marmalade gel.

This recipe makes a beautiful bright yellow marmalade and the ginger adds a spicy lift to the lemon flavour.

Rhubarb and Orange Jam

Rhubarb and orange jam in jars in front of window
Image: Fluxing Well

For something very unique, try this rhubarb and orange jam recipe. Is it a jam or a marmalade? Marmalade uses the rind of citrus fruit, so this recipe fits the bill as a marmalade with it’s orange rind pieces.

This simple recipe requires no added pectin due to the natural pectin in the rhubarb. It also can be lightly spice with cinnamon and cloves if desired (yes please!).

More citrus recipes and inspiration

I hope this collection of marmalade recipes has convinced you to try your hand at marmalade making if you haven’t before, or that you’ve found a new flavour combination to try.

If you love cooking with citrus, you’ll love our collection of recipes featuring different types of citrus. Try our easy mandarin orange salad with turmeric dressing. Or for something sweet, you’ll love our blood orange loaf cake. Ben sure to check out our essential kitchen tools and gadgets for cooking with citrus too.

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