15 Lemon Phone Cases You Will Love

collage of lemon yellow and lemon print phone cases

If you love lemons, why not brighten up your phone with a lemon phone case? Add some sunshine to your day with a lemon yellow or lemon print pattern case. Whether you love lemon slices, lemon blossom or just lemon yellow itself. We’ve put together our favourite lemon phone cases to protect your phone in style.

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lemon yellow phone case on lemon print background with text "15 lemon phone cases you will love"

Lemon print phone cases

I love Minca Cases for both coverage and the range of patterns. This Mediterranean Lemon case is exactly the one I have on my phone right now. It’s printed on a clear cover, so the colour of your phone will form the background for the lemon print. The case has a raised bezel to help to protect the screen and camera lens, and I can assure you it’s saved my phone from many knocks and drops.

Minca Cases are also great when it comes to minimising plastic packaging. Their phone cases come carefully packaged in gorgeous paper sleeves instead.

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There are an increasing number of eco-friendly phone case alternatives available to buy, which is a great initiative. When you consider how many people have phones and how many plastic cases are produced, this leads to a lot of plastic waste.

This gorgeous lemon print case from Wasy Design is plastic free and made from biodegradable materials including bamboo fibre and plant based polymers. It’s also wireless charging compatible and available for many phone types. Now you can have a phone that looks great and has less impact on the environment.

Another lemon print I love is this Burga Elite Lemon Juice case with lemons over a citrus yellow tile pattern. This case has a tough and durable scratch resistant case and microfibre lining to protect your phone. It’s Magsafe compatible for wireless charging too. Burga sells cases for a wide range of phones and models.

This simple hard case by Creative Cases has the classic combination of blue with yellow lemons to remind you of the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

It’s made with scratch resistant polycarbonate hard outer shell with a lining to protect your phone’s exterior.

Phone cases with lemon slices

I really love this fun lemon slice case by The Custom Case. It’s print with slice of lemon on a vibrant lemon yellow background will definitely brighten your day.

This great lemon design is available across a range of different case types – slim, tough and wallet style cases – as well as different makes and models of phone.

watercolour lemon slices phone case by DALI Cases
Image: DALI Cases

Brighten up your phone with this watercolour lemon slices case from DALI Cases. It has lemon slices in varying shades of yellow printed on a white hard shell case. The durable wrap around case snaps on to your phone. It’s available for a range of makes and models and is sole by an Etsy 5 star seller.

What about a phone case decorated with REAL lemon slices? This gorgeous dried lemon phone case from Sunny Pig Studio is handmade with real dried lemon and orange slices and green leaves. It’s a unique design from a top rated Etsy seller and is sure to be a talking point.

These dried lemon cases are available for a range of phone makes and models.

Otterbox is a hugely popular brand of phone cases with the reputation for offering really good protection for your phone. This Otterbox “Always Tarty” cover design features fun yellow and black lemon slices in an all-over print. It also has an integrated lemon yellow pop grip.

The Always Tarty design is now only available older iPhone models (11, 11Pro, SE and earlier).

Phone cases with lemons and lemon blossom

If you love botanical prints, this lemon tree and honey bee case from Bonafide Expression is perfect. I love the bees and lemon blossoms. This case is available in different styles (matt and gloss) and in a snap on case or a tough case with top and bottom protection. It’s shock resistant and compatible with wireless charging too

lemon tree phone case from MJ Inspire
Image: MJ Inspire

For another lovely lemon blossom design, you’ll love this lemon tree phone case from MJ Inspire. The lemons and lemon blossom pop against the coloured background. This slimline case is flexible, scratch resistant and compatible with wireless charging. It’s available for a range of iPhone models.

After something a little more modern? This fun lemon print case from The Cat Made Me has lemons, lemon slices and lemon blossoms on a bright lemon yellow background. It’s a perfect case for lemon lovers and is available for a wide range of phone makes and models. This one is a top seller too.

Fun lemon print phone cases

How can you not be happy when your phone is covered in smiling lemons? I love this happy lemon case from New Joy Studio with it’s cute lemon faces. This case is available for a range of phone makes and models and in different options, from snap on cases to tough cases with Magsafe charging compatibility. You can also customise it with matt or gloss finish and even personalise your case on request.

Or what about some lemon desserts instead? This cute lemon dessert phone case from Bella Kat Design Co features an all over print of lemons and sweet lemon cakes and pies on a lemon yellow background.

You can order this phone case for iPhone, Samsung and others.

Lemon yellow phone cases

Don’t want actual lemons, but just the lemon colour? You’ll love this lemon yellow shockproof liquid silicone phone case by Onarto. This one is for iPhone 13, but they are available for other makes and models in the Onarto store.

The anti-dust silicone cover is nice and grippy, easy to clean and also comes with a warranty.

Here’s another bright lemon yellow phone case, this time with some fun stripes. This lemon stiped yellow case from Malama Design Co is made to order and is available in a snap on case or touch case design. The touch case has a silicone cover that wraps the wides of the phone screen for extra protection. You can also choose gloss or matt for the lemon print to suit your style.

More Lemon Ideas

If you can’t go past a lemon print, make sure to check out our collection of lemon print pillows and cushions. Or find inspiration for using lemon yellow in everything from interiors to your wardrobe with our lemon yellow colour combinations.

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