Colours That Go With Lemon Yellow – The Best Combinations

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Bright and cheery lemon yellow is a wonderful colour to work with. You can use yellow to decorate your home, create stunning party and event decor or even as a beautiful pop of colour in your wardrobe. There are a surprising number of colours that go with lemon yellow to create different effects. Some colours accentuate the brightness and make yellow the feature, while others tone it down for a more subtle colour scheme. Find out ways to use lemon yellow, whatever your personal style.

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About lemon yellow

Yellow is generally known as a happy, warm and energetic colour – the colour of sunshine. On the other hand, yellow can also indicate caution.

Officially, lemon yellow is a moderate shade of vivid yellow, named of course after the fruit. Lemon yellow is is considered a fresh, bright and lively colour. It is slightly cooler than the primary colour yellow as it has a touch of green.

Of course, lemon skins come in different shades. And when you slice lemons, the yellow and white inside is a different yellow again. So I confess that I take a relaxed approach to describing something as “lemon yellow” when I am working with colour.

Here are 6 of my favourite colours that go with lemon yellow.

Lemon yellow and white

Mixing lemon yellow and white together creates a bright but elegant colour scheme. The neutral white offsets the brightness of the yellow beautifully. Lemon yellow and white together have a lovely fresh appeal. These are colours we see together often in flowers.

White and yellow together look beautiful on their own, but white also adds an extra layer of sophistication when used with lemon yellow and another one of the colour combinations below.

mood board collection of lemon yellow and white images including flowers interiors and fashion

Lemon yellow and blue

This lovely combination is as timeless as the sun in the blue sky. It reminds me of the Amalfi coast with blue and white dishes full of lemons. It’s one of my favourite colour combinations for decorating at home. From dinnerware to soft furnishings, lemon yellow and blue look wonderful together.

A wide range of blue hues work well with lemon yellow. From light blue shades, though aqua and turquoise, all the way to bright cobalt blues and classic navy. My wardrobe has a lot of lemon yellow paired with navy, and it looks great with denim blues too.

mood board collection of lemon yellow and blue images including flowers interiors and fashion

Lemon yellow and green

Nature can’t be wrong, can it? Lemon yellow and green is a natural as lemons on the lemon tree. Sunshine and grass. Or simply lemons and limes together in a bowl. It reminds me of spring.

Lemon yellow works particularly well with a lighter mint green or classic emerald.

mood board collection of lemon yellow and green images including flowers interiors and fashion

Lemon yellow and orange

Again, perhaps my love of citrus is behind this, but lemon yellow and shades of orange are a perfect match. Lemons and oranges together in a bowl. Roses and daffodils in shades of orange and yellow. If this combination is too strong, try mixing it in with lots of neutral white and you may be surprised how good it looks.

Try lemon yellow with other orange shades like peach, apricot and mango for a more subtle colour combination.

mood board collection of lemon yellow and orange images including flowers interiors and fashion

Lemon yellow and pink

I have to confess that I am biased when it comes to yellow and pink as these were my wedding colours. My wedding flowers were a loose bouquet of lemon yellow, pale pink and cream roses.

You can achieve quite different looks depending on the shade of pink you choose. Choose from subtle dusty pinks or opt for bold with bright pink or fuschia.

mood board collection of lemon yellow and pink images including flowers interiors and fashion

Lemon yellow and black

Yellow and black might seem a stark contrast in colours. It certainly is, and that’s why this colour combination is used in warning and safety signs. The key to using yellow and black without looking like a traffic sign – or a bumble bee! – is to mix these two colours with lots of light and neutral white. (And not wear thick yellow and black stipes!)

Lemon yellow, black and white together can look stunning. It can be bright and bold or even quite elegant, depending on how much white you use. I love mixing lemon yellow with a black and white print pattern too. Yellow, black and grey can also work well to tone down the contrast.

mood board collection of lemon yellow and black images including flowers interiors and fashion

More ways to enjoy lemon yellow and other citrus colours

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