What Colours go with Lime Green: Beautiful Combinations

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Do you love lime green like I do? Whether you are decorating your home, choosing a colour scheme for your next event, or even planning an outfit, it’s easier than you think to work this bright, cheerful colour in to your plans. You’ll be surprised just how many colours go with lime green. We’ll look at ways to use lime green as a feature colour or as part of a subtle colour scheme.

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About lime green

True lime green as used by designers is a bright yellow green. Lime green is, of course, named after the citrus fruit of the same name. And fresh limes come in a variety of different shades, lighter and darker, with more or less yellow. When using lime green as part of a colour scheme, I like to include those different shades as well.

Green is common in nature and is often known as a calming colour, but lighter shades of green are considered more energetic and lively. According to Color Pyschology, lime green is associated with freshness and creativity, confidence and high energy.

The colours you use with lime green can work to enhance that sense of energy or add balance and calm.

Lime green goes with a wide range of colours

Lime green is such a bold and bright colour. You might think that this would limit how you can use it. However, it actually pairs very well with a number of different colours.

Lime green goes beautifully with neutrals, like white, grey and black (and looks great with a black and white pattern).

It also looks amazing paired with different different shades of blue, pink and yellow.

Bold colours like purple, orange and red also go with lime green. However I personally find that these colours can be harder to work with. (Lime green and red can look a bit too much like Christmas!) I like to use them more as accent colours together with other more subtle colours that go with lime. For example, mixing red accents with lime green, white and blue.

lime green red and blue pattern rug
Rug with lime green accents with red and blue

Let’s look at 5 of our favourite colours that go with lime green.

Lime green and white

White is the perfect companion to lime green. This crisp and clear neutral offsets the brightness of the green. White also works wonderfully in combination with lime green and other compatible colours, like shades of blue.

A lime green and white colour scheme is a lovely choice for a gender neutral nursery or baby’s room. Not only does it look beautiful in just those two shades, it also means it is easy to add another accent colour after your baby arrives. I did exactly this, and added some navy and light blue highlights after my son was born.

collage of lime green and white home interiors and images

Lime green and blue

Green and blue are both colours found in nature, so there is no doubt that they go together. Lime green looks amazing with many different shades of blue. It pairs well with dark blue and navy, but looks equally at home with a bright cobalt. For a more subtle combination, use lime green with lighter shades like aqua or sky blue.

(While it’s not strictly blue, a deep teal green also looks amazing with lime. I have lime green, white and red accent cushions on my teal sofa.)

collage of lime green and blue home interiors and images

Lime green and pink

I just love this colour combination. Lime green goes beautifully with shades of pink from raspberry to light pink and even salmon and coral.

Lime green and pink is a lovely feminine combination for a bedroom, especially if used with white. I have some lime green and salmon pink accents in my predominantly white bedroom.

Using lime green and pink together also makes a stunning colour theme for your next party or event – even a wedding.

collage of lime green and pink home interiors and images

Lime green and grey

Lime green and grey is a sophisticated combination. The neutral grey colour acts to calm the brightness of the green and prevents it from being too overpowering. All shades of grey work with lime green – light grey, medium grey and dark charcoal colours.

As a neutral colour, grey also works well in combination with other lime green companion colours. Pink, grey and lime green is a lovely combination.

collage of lime green and grey gray home interiors and images

Lime green and yellow

When I think of yellow and green I instantly think of lemons and limes. Lime green and yellow go together better than you might expect. You can pair lime green with a range of yellows, from soft buttery yellows and lemon yellow, through very bright shades and even darker golden yellow.

Depending on the shade or yellow and how you intend to use it with lime green, it can be a very bold colour choice. I prefer to use these colours together in a more subtle way, by choosing softer yellow or mixing with lots of white.

collage of lime green and yellow home interiors and images

What is your favourite colour to use with lime green? Let me know in the comments!

If you love decorating with citrus colours, make sure to check out our post on colours that go with lemon yellow, citrus pink and citrus orange too. Or if you just love greens, Loving It Green has colour inspiration for many different shades of green,

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